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Alan Ball, Coach and Software Developer.

Alan Ball, the President of Aball Software, is an experienced athlete and successful amateur coach. He has been racing and coaching in the endurance sports of cross-country skiing and biathlon since the early 80's.

Progressing from coaching 4 - 10 year old cross-country skiers in the 1980's, Alan is currently coaching national and international level biathletes. Along the way he has gained much experience and many formal qualifications.

Currently pursuing NCCP Level 5 Tasks in Biathlon, Alan is fully certified at Level 4 in Biathlon and Level 3 Cross Country. He is also a CANSI ski instructor and holds NCCP qualifications in Target Sports. He is the recipient of two 3M Coaching Canada Awards for coaching excellence.

National coaching assignments include coaching the BC Team at Cross Country, Biathlon and Cadet Biathlon competitions and latterly for Team Alberta. International coaching assignments with the Canadian Biathlon Team include North American Tours and Biathlon World Cup competitions. Alan was the Head Coach when Canada won its first-ever gold medal at a European Biathlon Championships in 2001.

He is currently employed as a development coach by Biathlon Alberta.

Periodized training plans, which coordinate all aspects of training over the course of a year, provide a meeting point for his coaching and business skills. After high school, Alan pursued a career in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, which segued into a career in the software industry via information science. He brings the skills and insights of this professional background to the design of software that helps him make training plans.


Aball Software Incorporated

In 1997, Alan Ball began working on Training Planner and Electronic Diary software to support his coaching habit. The software was designed to help coaches and individual athletes plan and monitor year-round training programs. Over the years we received technical advice and encouragement from Biathlon BC, Biathlon Canada, Sports and Recreation Branch, BC, and the various individuals thanked in the Acknowledgements. In 2001 we decided to make this a commercial product and are currently marketing the version 1.07 via the Internet.

Aball Software Inc. started life as BCD Library and Automation Consultants in 1978. It was founded by Alan Ball after a career as a university professor and librarian. The automation of the Saskatchewan Provincial Library Network, 1978-80, was its first major project. In the early 80's, library consulting expanded to include research on electronic information systems, videotex and teletex, particularly Telidon, precursors to the Internet (Videotex Networks, IEEE Computer, 13(12), 1980, and Videotex: Chimera or Dream Machine, Can. Lib. J.,38(1), 1981.)

With the advent of the microcomputer, BCD became Aball Software Inc. In 1983 we developed an IBM PC-based On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), M10, for UTLAS, Toronto, which captured 40% of the Canadian school library market. Aball launched the Ocelot Library System in 1984, in Canada, the USA and Australia. It automated all aspects of library processing, including Cataloguing, Circulation, Acquisitions, Serials, Authority Control and Public Access Catalogue.

In 1987, with over 450 sites world-wide, Ocelot was sold to Columbia Computing Services and Aball became the Library Division of Columbia Computing Services, Vancouver. By 1995, there were over 5000 sites world-wide, including 30% of Canadian schools (With M10, a 70% market share for Aball designed products). Customers included the US Dept. of Defense Dependents Schools and Los Angeles Unified School District, two of the largest school districts in the world.


Coaching Qualifications:

Qualification Cross Country Biathlon Target Sports

NCCP Level 1




CANSI Level 1 Instructor



NCCP Level 4




NCCP Master Course Conductor





Leadership Positions:

Cross Country Skiing:

1982 - 1988

Jackrabbit Leader, Regina, SK

1988 - 1991

Parent Volunteer, Junior Challenge Program, Vancouver, BC

1991 - 1995

Coach, Junior Challenge Program, Vancouver, BC
High Performance Committee, CCBC

1995 - 2000

Coordinator, Junior Challenge Program, Vancouver, BC

2000 -

Nordic Racers Challenge Program, Club Coach



1995 - 2005

Lower Mainland Regional Director, Biathlon BC

1995 - 2005

Nordic Racers (Biathlon), Club Coach

1995 - 1996

Biathlon Coordinator, BC Winter Games, N. Vancouver
Built 10-target Biathlon Range for BC Winter Games

1996 - 1999

Executive Director Biathlon BC

1998 - 2003

Development Squad, Biathlon BC, Head Coach

2002 - 2003

Biathlon Facility Design Group, 2010 Olympic Bid


Canada Winter Games Team, Biathlon BC, Head Coach



Other Coaching Experience:

1991 - 1992

BC Winter Games , Cross-Country Coach, Zones 3, 4, 5 (Lower Mainland)

1993 - 2002

BC Winter Games, Biathlon Coach, Zones 3, 4, 5 (Lower Mainland)


Asst. Coach, CCBC at XC Nationals, waxing and feeds.


Asst. Coach, Biathlon BC at Nationals, waxing and splits.


Asst. Coach, Biathlon BC at Nationals; wax tester; jury; lead coach for 2 races.


Head Coach, Biathlon BC at NorAm Championships, Valcartier, PQ.


Head Coach, Biathlon BC at NorAm Championships, Canmore, AB.
Head Coach, Biathlon Canada, NorAm Tour.


Head Coach, Biathlon BC at NorAm Championships, Fort Kent, Maine.


Head Coach, Biathlon BC at NorAm Championships, Canmore, AB
Assistant Coach, Biathlon Canada, European Tour.
Head Coach, Biathlon Canada, European Championships (gold medal)


Assistant Coach, Biathlon BC, NorAm Championships, Valcartier, PQ
BC Team Coach, Cadet National Championships, Valcartier, PQ


Head Coach, Biathlon BC, Canada Winter Games and National Championships;
BC Team Coach, Cadet National Championships, Valcartier, PQ


Formal Resume: Alan John Stuart Ball


Address: ABall Software, 50 East 40th Ave., Vancouver, BC, V5W 1L4
Birth date: May 11, 1943
Marriage: Married, 1969. One child
Citizenship: Canada and UK

Career Profile:


Director, R & D, ABall Software Inc., Vancouver. Responsible for directing ABall's research and development efforts, targeted at developing next generation personal, electronic, information systems and athletic training systems.

1989 - 1992

Director, Library Software Development, CTB/Macmillan McGraw Hill, Vancouver: Responsible for development of the Columbia Library System as part of CTB's line of LAN-based, integrated school administration software.

1987 - 1989

Vice President, Library Division, Columbia Computing Services, Vancouver: Responsible for planning, marketing and development for the Columbia Library System, including re-development and reorientation of the software for the K-12 market.

1983 - 1987

President and CEO, ABall Software Inc., Regina, Saskatchewan: Major shareholder, responsible for development and marketing of the Ocelot Library System.

1980 - 1983

President and Owner, Videotex Consulting Services, Regina, Saskatchewan: Provided consulting and research services to government, university and business clients exploring on-line Videotex and teletex services (Telidon and Prestel).

1978 - 1983

President and Owner, BCD Library and Automation Consultants, Regina, Saskatchewan: Together with sub-contractors, provided automation advice and implementation services to large, small and medium sized libraries in Canada.

1977 - 1978

Science Librarian, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan: Provided reference, on-line searching and instructional services to faculty and staff at the university.

1971 - 1976

Associate Professor (tenured), Biological Sciences, Brock University, St. Catharines: Taught Biochemistry and Genetics, supervised full-time laboratory staff and graduated 6 M.Sc. students. Published 21 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

1970 - 1971

Post doctoral Fellow, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.

1969 - 1970

Post doctoral Fellow, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK.





1955 - 1962

Monmouth School, Monmouth, UK

1962 - 1965

B.Sc. (Hon.) Microbiology, University of London, UK

1965 - 1969

Ph.D., Molecular Biology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

1976 - 1977

MLIS, School of Library and Information Science, University of Western Ontario