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Easily calculate phases, macro and micro cycles. 
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What is YPI Training Diary?

YPI Training Diary is an electronic training log and personal diary

  • Plan your training activities on the left page
  • Record your training activities on the right page
  • Add your personal appointments and meetings
  • Compare the results with graphs and reports
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YPI Training Diary: included with YPI Personal Coach edition.

The Diary is fully integrated with YPI Training Planner. Use the YPI Training Planner to decide the amount and type of training you are going to do.

Use Diary to match training activities with daily time slots. To help you plan your training, Diary uses the periodization information in YPI Planner to advise you on how much of what kind of training to do each week.

No limit to training activities. Add any kind of training activities to the Activities database; your sport, cross training, whatever.

Remote Diary:

The Remote Diary is a special edition of Diary, designed to run on a remote computer without the Training Planner. Training plans are loaded into the remote diary module via email from one of the coach editions of YPI Training Planner.

Athlete's training log reports are sent back by email and automatically integrated into the coaches training database.

What could be simpler?


Remote Diary: Additional units may be purchased at any time, in any number.

YPI Training Planner: Aball Software will provide an upgrade from one edition to another for the difference in price between the upgrade and the previously purchased item.

New Versions: Upgrades will be free to users who purchased software in the previous 12 months.

Warranty: Products are shipped with a 30 day money-back warranty and 12 months of free email suppore

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