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Program Creation and Management

YPI has two parts, YPI Training Planner and the YPI Diary. These can be run on one machine or as master-slave pairs on two or more computers. Remote Diary (RDiary) is required for YPI Diary to run on a separate machine. Communication is via email.

YPI Supports:

  • Fitness or rehabilitation plans (short term).
  • Single race, single peak plans (medium term).
  • Long term training plans based on Bompa, Olympic or NCCP models.
  • Custom plans (any length or structure).
  • Multiple periodizations.
  • Multiple taper and peak cycles.
  • Phases and Sub-phases.
  • Macro cycles, meso cycles, pre-programmed and custom.
  • Micro cycles and Blocks, pre-programmed and custom


  • Activities for many sports.
  • Calculates loading, unloading or maintenance phases.
  • Customizable loading and unloading rates.
  • Macro cycle and micro cycle patterns set at the click of a button.
  • Pre-planned macro cycles: 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1.
  • Pre-programmed micro or weekly cycles calculate minutes/day.
  • Custom macro and micro cycle patterns.
  • Assign volume to Physical, Mental, Technical or Tactical training.
  • Allocate Physical to Intensity Zones (HR zones 1-5) and Strength.
  • Estimates daily volume from percentages to aid planning.
  • YPI estimates fatigue load (Trimp) from Intensity values.
  • Online volume and intensity graphs to assist planning.
  • Planning choices easily reversed or changed.
  • Calculates weekly exercise goals for all exercise types.
  • Displays weekly exercise targets in Athlete's Diary.
  • Records daily exercise achievements in Athlete's Diary.
  • Unlimited exercise and activity types.
  • Daily activities planned and reviewed in Athlete's Diary.
  • Plans and training reports exchanged via email.
  • Review plan by date or week day.
  • Electronic diary: record non-training appointments, birthdays, etc.
  • Week-to-week copying for re-occurring activities.
  • Training recorded easily with Plan-to-Actual Copy function.
  • Make new plans from old with the Copy Plan Wizard

Printed Reports

  • Events and competitions calendar for each athlete.
  • Comprehensive personal information form.
  • Yearly summary of phase dates, volume, intensity, hours allocated, etc.
  • Weekly summary of planned training times.
  • Weekly detail calendar; lists activities for athletes.
  • Today: Daily action plan
  • This week: One weeks training calendar
  • Phase Summary: Overview of current phase.
  • Plan vs. Actual volume comparisons.
  • Volume graph, expressed as %Max vol.
  • Fatigue graph, expressed as %Max Trimp.
  • Customize reports for any combination of: athlete, year, phase, macro cycle or week.

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