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What Printed Reports does YPI provide?  

YPI uses Crystal Reports to generate various reports from the training database.
Some Are Hard Wired:
Today: Prints out the current day's training plan from the diary.
This Week: Prints out the current week's training plan from the diary.
Activities List: Detailed listing, alphabetical
Activities by Category: Detailed listing, category order.
Activities by Sport: Detailed listing, by Sport linkage.
Athlete Information form: blank form
Some Are More Flexible:
Athlete Personal Data [form]: One or many athletes.
Competitions and Events [list]: One or many athletes.
Some Are Very Flexible: You can specify Athlete, Year, Phase, Macro cycle or Micro cycle for each of these reports to limit the time span reported:
Daily tasks, Actual: Training results for the time period selected.
Daily tasks, Plan: Training tasks for the time period selected.
Fatigue (Trimp) Graph: Year profile from Emphasis/intensity.
Volume Graph: Year profile from Emphasis/intensity.
Volume: Plan vs. Actual: Comparison table for time period selected.
Week Summary: Print out of the weeks with volume for time period.
Year Summary: Tabular overview of the training plan highlights.

Can I customize the Reports?

Yes, you can customize the content using these qualifiers: Athlete, Year, Phase, Macro cycle or Micro cycle to select sub-sets of the training database. If you own Crystal Reports (or have access at work) you can make your own reports.


Are there any other Reports?



Yes, there are some on-line reports that can be printed out too. Click on the Bar Graph and Line Graph icons on the planning screens. Also, in the Diary, there is a "Progress charts" utility, listed under Files on the Diary main menu.


Can I export to other formats, PDF, Excel, etc?



When reports are displayed on screen, you have access to all of the export facilities of Crystal Reports (tm). Click the Envelope icon on the tool bar. The default file format is the popular Adobe Reader format, PDF. You can also export to Word, Excell, text and various other file formats. Reports can also be emailed directly from this option.