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What does YPI mean?


YPI stands for Yearly Planning Instrument. It was originally a large sheet of paper, like a spread sheet, with 52 columns, one for each week of the year, on which a coach could sketch out a periodized training plan. YPI is a software wizard that guides you through the same planning process. It does all the calculations while you focus on the training content. At the end of the YPI planning process, you have a precise training plan in a flexible database, rather than a vague sketch on a piece of paper that is too big to fit comfortably in your binder.


What kind of computer do I need to run YPI?

486 PC 32MB RAM
6Mb disk space
Microsoft Win95® or Win98®
VGA Monitor
Mouse or equivalent pointing device.


What kind of training plan does YPI support?

YPI provides frameworks for three kinds of plans:
Annual plans: Which cover a full 12 months with a single peak. These basic plans are easily modified for multi-peak, multi-periodization plans.
Single race plans: Generally less than a year, but more than a few months, these plans are geared to training or peaking for one particular race.
Short term plans: These plans can be as short as one week or as long as you like. Generally there is no particular goal at the end of the plan. Fitness consultants can use this option to make short to medium term fitness plans (no-goal plans), where the target is generally increasing health and fitness. Coaches can use this form of plan to make short term, specific macro cycle plans (blocks) or training camp plans.
Custom Plans: No assumptions, very few guidelines; operate in expert mode. Graphic design assistance and background calculations assist with plan design,, but definitely for experts.


Where can I find more information about periodization?



You can find this information on our Periodization and Resource pages.


Can I get a copy of your software to try out?

Our Power Point Slide Show will give you a very good impression of how the software works . You can also download an evaluation copy of YPI Personal Coach when you register for the Newsletter.


Is YPI available for Apple computers?

Alas, no, not unless Microsoft ports Visual Basic.


Will YPI print out a training plan for my athletes?

Yes. The Diary will print out Today and This Week for your athletes. If they are running the Remote Diary, they can do this for themselves. See Reports (bookmark)


Does YPI support micro cycles? TOP

YPI Training Planner supports the full periodization process as described by Tudor Bompa, Istvan Balyi, and others, including phases, macro cycles and micro cycles.


Can I make a custom plan with YPI?

Yes, you can start off with a blank year and add to your plan one phase at a time. Within each phase of a standard plan, you can customize the macro cycles and micro cycles using a graphic planner.


Does YPI support macro cycles?

YPI Training Planner supports the full periodization process as described by Tudor Bompa, Istvan Balyi, and others, including phases, macro cycles and micro cycles.


Does YPI support phases?

YPI Training Planner supports the full periodization process as described by Tudor Bompa, Istvan Balyi, and others, including phases, macro cycles and micro cycles.


How does YPI handle Blocks? TOP

A block is just a special kind of macro cycle, which may be one or more weeks long. You can you can make a short term, no-goal plan for a generic athlete that describes your detailed block training plan and use it for any athlete, or you could incorporate a block within a regular macro cycle of a particular athlete's plan.


Can I use YPI for my sport?

YPI can be used for any sport. YPI allows you to incorporate any kind of training activities into its database. Once entered into the Activities Database, you can use these training tasks in your planning. You can also have multiple peak and taper cycles in YPI if your sport requires this.


Can I use last year's training plan to make a new plan?

Yes, with the Copy Wizard, which allows you to make a new plan based on last years [successful] plan. You can change the start date, change the hours and then choose how much of the old plan to copy. Copy Wizard adjusts the dates and training volume as it makes copies.


How can I make many plans for similar athletes?

Make a generic plan, e.g. for "14-15yr. old skier" or "beginning fitness client", and use this as a Master Plan. Individualized plans for each athlete/client can be made from this master plan, using Copy Wizard.


Will Copy Wizard do updates if I change the original plan? TOP

Yes. You can do incremental planning on your master plan and then update any copy-plans derived from it.


What reports can I get?

See the Reports section for a full listing.


What exactly does YPI do?

See the Details page


Will YPI make a training plan for me?

YPI will help you make a training plan. The software helps you organize your thoughts and massage them into a workable structure. It does not produce "one size fits all" plans - it is a thinking tool